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With a track record of more than 130 years in the construction industry and a broad presence across the Americas, Grupo Lamosa is a Mexican company that principally produces and markets ceramic wall and floor tiles and adhesives.

The growth and expansion strategy Grupo Lamosa has implemented in recent years has positioned it as one of the main benchmarks in the global ceramics industry and given it an extensive geographical footprint across nine countries.

Leader in the markets where it participates, Grupo Lamosa operates with state-of-the-art technology, enabling it to offer a wide range of avant-garde and innovative high-value products, with all the advantages of ceramic in aspects such as maintenance, resistance, finish and durability.

In a year as atypical as 2021, Grupo Lamosa was able to post the best results in its history by leveraging opportunities and two fundamental aspects of the market and the company’s strategy: firstly, the great demand in the home remodeling segment, with Grupo Lamosa finding itself in a favorable position to capitalize on the opportunities this represented across its operations; and, secondly, the company’s search in recent years to open up new avenues of growth, which materialized significantly with the acquisitions that took place at the end of 2020 and throughout 2021.

As a result, Grupo Lamosa is now one of the world’s most important ceramic tile manufacturers, occupying an unbeatable position to continue consolidating the strengths and capabilities it has gained in recent years. Today, the company operates with a robust growth platform, which will allow it to further expand its footprint, integrating cultures and achieving synergies as it has always done and continuing its long and successful path of growth.