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Another aspect that explains Grupo Lamosa’s extraordinary 2021 performance is the substantial capital expenditures made in recent years on different fronts. These have positioned the company better to leverage the opportunities resulting from the enhanced market activity.

The company’s constant investment in state-of-the-art technology has made its manufacturing processes more efficient, opened up new possibilities for product use and made the development of new products faster and more effective, such that consumers are constantly surprised by its innovative solutions and cutting-edge designs.

Grupo Lamosa has also developed various digital tools to attract customers and enable it to understand them ever better. These tools extend across the entire product value chain, increasing the efficiency of the operating processes.

Additionally, the focus on innovation has made it possible to discover new properties and applications for the company’s products, all of which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thus, Grupo Lamosa can offer tiles that emulate the appearance, color and texture of different kinds of stone and wood in great detail, driving the substitution of these natural materials by providing better properties in terms of maintenance and durability.

Grupo Lamosa also manufactures and markets products that incorporate anti-bacterial constituents, protecting health in the areas where they are used and playing a vital role in hospitals, restaurants, kitchens and bathrooms.