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The transactions carried out during the year enhanced Grupo Lamosa’s diversification and positioned it to leverage synergies between plants and regions. The company now has a great capacity to share and complement different experiences and skills, ranging from technological and production capabilities to product marketing and distribution.

Thanks to the experience gained through 130 years of proven track record, Grupo Lamosa has grown from being a local manufacturer to become an important regional participant and one of the world’s main ceramics producers. Today, the company is positioned to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of recent years to broaden its horizons from a position of leadership and strength.

Grupo Lamosa is fully prepared to face the great challenges that this implies, leveraging the multiplier effect of the diverse opportunities that have opened up as a result of the company’s tireless work on all fronts. The next goal will be to consolidate these efforts and thus take another big step in this long and successful journey.

Creating a
multiplier effect