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Sustainability strategy
Based on the material topics and the synergies between them, Grupo Lamosa’s ESG work priorities were determined.

The structuring of these priorities is presented below. The diverse lines of action that are the focus of the strategy are materialized through a range of different initiatives.


1.1 Corporate governance
1.2 Culture of compliance
1.3 Supply chain

2.1 Sustainable homes
2.2 Customer experience

3.1 Health and safety
3.2 Employee development
3.3 Work climate
3.4 Contribution to communities

4.1 Materials and technology

5.1 Climate action: energy and emissions
5.2 Circularity: water and waste



The way in which each of the areas of focus of the Sustainability Strategy is related to the material topics identified is shown below:

Business integrity and robustness

Economic performance

Supply chain

Customer focus

Customer service

Digital transformation

Multi-channels and relations with distributors

Data Protection

Driving talent

Employee health and safety

Talent attraction and retention

Work environment

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce

Product innovation, quality and safety

Management of chemical compounds in products

Product innovation

Quality products

Automation and operational process efficiency

Product innovation, quality and safety

Energy use management

Product life cycle

The company continues its efforts to become increasingly sustainable and contribute to the generation of value for all stakeholders. To this end, the cooperation and work of every area of the organization have improved Grupo Lamosa’s Sustainability Strategy, integrating programs that were already being developed with new ones.

This initiative is accompanied by enhanced transparency in the company’s performance, with the addition of a selection of ESG indicators that will be available online on the company’s corporate webpage: In future reports, Grupo Lamosa will provide more information related to the indicators with data relevant for all audiences.

Grupo Lamosa belongs to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), a non-profit organization that develops and publishes standards for the ceramics industry. The Green Squared Standard, that Grupo Lamosa products comply with, is one of these, involving criteria to evaluate the sustainability of ceramic tiles and products for their installation.