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Grupo Lamosa maintains a close dialogue with all its stakeholders, who actively contribute to its operations and place their trust in the company’s strategy. The value proposition for each of them is presented below.

Stakeholders Value proposition Channels
Investors, stockholders and other providers
of capital
Generate economic value, guaranteeing the company’s financial sustainability over time and moving forward in accordance with the approved strategic plan. Identify and address risks and opportunities. Be transparent about results, including ESG performance. Stockholders’ meetings
Investor relations area
Transparency line
Meetings with analysts
Reports on results
Distributors Partner to make it easier for products to reach the end consumer, through coordinated inventory management, innovative products and the support of the company’s brands. Distribution agreements
Visits from area and/or product managers
Customers Contribute to creating the best conditions in homes and work spaces, with quality materials that meet the different consumer needs. Implement an innovative approach to changes in lifestyles. Third-party stores
Visits from commercial advisors
Websites for the company’s brands
Commercial apps
Transparency line
Focus groups and other consultations
Employees Offer employment opportunities and professional development, safeguarding health and safety. Create teams that consider employees’ wellbeing and promote their commitment. Work environment evaluation
Transparency line
Suppliers Partner to offer quality products, with suppliers showing behaviors aligned with company principles and values. Develop an efficient relationship that guarantees the continuity of Grupo Lamosa’s production and the corresponding financial return for the supplier. Transparency line
Contracts and purchase orders
Development of local suppliers and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises)
Government Operate according to the law, abiding by ethical principles. Participation in meetings on important topics and consultation forums
Response to requirements
Academia Offer opportunities to materialize innovation in materials, technology and products, and generate jobs for different professionals. Make agreements for research projects and/or internships. Participation in job fairs
Presence in events on relevant topics
Media Respect their interest and provide appropriate attention in operations and relationships with the different stakeholders. Highlight the company’s performance in such a way as to increase the scope of the interest groups reached. Press conferences
Press releases
Participation in reports and/or interviews
Communities Be a good neighbor, generating employment and development opportunities, and protecting the environment without adversely affecting living conditions. Transparency line
Donation program
Dialogue with neighbors
Volunteer projects