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The environment prevailing during the year was very favorable for the Adhesives Business, despite the complications resulting from the pandemic, particularly in terms of procurement and the increased cost of raw materials such as cement and chemical products, essential inputs for its production processes.

The segment grew at a double-digit rate in 2021, something that had not occurred for more than a decade. During the year, it was able to meet the increased demand in a timely manner, such that 2021 sales totaled $5,577 million pesos, representing an annual growth of 17%.

During 2021, the Adhesives Business made significant progress in developing its digital strategy, making inroads into the area of electronic commerce through platforms such as Mercado Libre and Amazon. As a result, it will be able to offer high-value specialized products for construction professionals more efficiently and in conjunction with the distribution network.

In order to continue offering the market innovative products with sustainable and high-performance solutions, during the year the Adhesives Business took steps to develop and re-launch products with important advantages and attributes. Such is the case of Crest Multicolor Grout, an innovative grout system in powder form for cement-based floors and walls, with up to 37 pigment options. The product is sold in water-soluble bags that disintegrate on contact with water, reducing inventory space and costs by up to 60% and eliminating product loss and dust dispersion into the environment.

The diversification of the Adhesives Business, with the expansion of its operations in Chile a couple of years ago, presents important challenges, but opens up interesting avenues of growth that the business will undoubtedly continue to leverage in the coming years.

Net Sales
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