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Corporate Practices Committee Report

February 16, 2022
To the Board of Directors of Grupo Lamosa, S.A.B. de C.V. (“the Company”)


As Chairman of the Corporate Practices Committee, I would like to present to you the report on this Committee’s activities in relation to the financial year ended December 31, 2021 pursuant to Company bylaws and the current Law.

  1. We reviewed the previously defined goals, the individual and Company performance during the year and any observations on the performance of the Company Officers.
  2. We reviewed the conditions and structure used to determine the total salary and benefit packages of the Chief Executive Officer and Company Officers on the basis of market trends.
  3. We reviewed the long-term compensation scheme and compared it with market trends, in order to assure talent retention.
  4. During the year, there were no transactions with related parties.
  5. This Committee gave no authorization for any Board Member, Company Officer or person in a position of command to take advantage of business opportunities, either for themselves or for third parties, that correspond to the Company or its Subsidiaries, and is not aware that the Board of Directors or any Committee has done so.
  6. The Corporate Practices Committee will continue carrying out all the actions necessary to comply with the legal and statutory requirements that govern it.


Eduardo Elizondo Barragán