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Opening up new
avenues of growth

The acquisition of Eurocerámica in Colombia has already proven to be successful. In a little over a year, significant synergies have been achieved that have turned its operations around, enhancing profitability and coverage in the region and positioning the company for future growth.

Additionally, in 2021, an extraordinary opportunity was crystalized with the acquisition of the tile business of Grupo Roca, a high-end ceramic tile company with operations not only in Spain, but also in the Americas.

This important acquisition gives the company the opportunity to complement its presence in Brazil and grow its participation in the United States, since Grupo Roca has a strong marketing company to supply high-value-added products, as well as a range of small-format and low-end lines that are also in great demand. Moreover, having a plant in Spain gives Grupo Lamosa the opportunity to enter the important European market.

During 2021, Grupo Lamosa signed an agreement to acquire the Mexican company FANOSA, a leader in Mexico in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, used mainly for insulation and weight reduction in the construction and packaging industries. The transaction positions the Adhesives Business to use its capabilities to integrate the new company into Grupo Lamosa’s culture and vision, in the segment of specialized products and services for the construction industry.

The company’s continuous search for new avenues of growth materialized in a very important way with the acquisitions Grupo Lamosa made towards the end of 2020 and throughout 2021.