With a track record of 130 years in the construction industry, Grupo Lamosa is a Mexican company with an extensive presence across the American continent.

It produces and markets ceramic wall and floor tiles and adhesives, leading the markets in which it participates.

Grupo Lamosa continuously designs and launches new and innovative products, providing a wide and varied product mix to meet consumers’ increasingly demanding requirements.

Grupo Lamosa’s production centers boast state-of-the-art technology. This enables the company to offer products with unique technical characteristics and designs, emulating wood and natural stone for example, with the added advantages of ceramic in aspects such as maintenance, resistance, finish and durability.

In 2020, Grupo Lamosa completed its first 130 years of presence in the construction market, an achievement that few entities in Mexico can boast.

Throughout its history, the company has successfully faced difficult environments and adverse situations; the global COVID-19 pandemic of the past year was certainly another of these. The company’s ability to constantly reinvent itself and adapt has been a key variable that has enabled this continuity and the growth and expansion of its operations throughout the American continent.

Grupo Lamosa’s growth strategy and the extension it has achieved in recent years make it one of the world’s largest ceramics manufacturers and a benchmark for value-added products and outstanding service quality.