Main risks and opportunities associated with operations in the short, medium and long terms, strategies for their management and mitigation
Grupo Lamosa has different mechanisms through which it identifies risks and implements actions to mitigate them.

The company has a Risk Management Policy that enables it to manage the main risks that its businesses face as a result of their operations.

Given the economic uncertainty that has prevailed in recent years, scenario analyses have been carried out to anticipate contingencies and make timely decisions related to financing, exchange rates, derivative instruments and interest rates.

In the area of cybersecurity, practices and measures have been implemented to address the increasing risk of cyberattacks. During 2020, the company worked intensely to assure the security of its systems and to provide greater training on the issue, offering e-learning courses to more than 1,800 users.

Grupo Lamosa has a Comprehensive Risk Policy, through which employees contribute to identifying possible risks, documenting them and communicating them to a committee that assesses their impact and monitors their mitigation.

Also, as part of the regulations set out in the Sole Circular for External Auditors, during external audit reviews, the main risks of the operations are identified and prioritized, and an action plan recommended to mitigate them.