The business was put to the test during the entire year. At the beginning of 2020, the high level of uncertainty derived from the impact of the pandemic resulted in the closing down of operations in accordance with the measures that the different governments took in each of the countries where the business operates. Towards midyear, the business began gradually reinitiating operations and the market started to reactivate, driven by the reorientation of family spending to home remodeling, which increased demand for the company’s products. The business leveraged this situation, unleashing its capacity to react rapidly with operational flexibility to adequately meet market requirements.

During the year, the Wall and Floor Tiles Business continued to operate normally, taking advantage of information and communication technologies to maintain its relationships with the different stakeholders. The segment partnered with its distributors to promote product sales and safely reactivate points of sale in accordance with all the security protocols established by the authorities.

Among the business’s important events of the year was the 2020 edition of the Firenze Entremuros Award, recognizing the talent of Mexican architects and interior designers for the fourth consecutive year. The event announcing the winners in the different categories (Public Architecture, Corporate Complexes, Residential Interior Design, etc.) was broadcast through digital platforms and attracted a large audience.

In order to continue expanding its avant-garde and innovative offering, during the year the Wall and Floor Tiles Business launched new lines of high value-added products. These included the Firenze line of skid-resistant porcelain tiles with a digital finish and non-slip technology to provide safety in areas exposed to the elements. Similarly, new series of products with wood designs, distinguished by their natural appearance and soft textures, were launched, including “Bari Wood” wall and floor tiles in 20X90 cm formats with unique designs and contrasts, and “Trinity Wood,” a ceramic tile simulating rustic wood, in different formats and shades.


Millions of pesos

The Grupo Lamosa mobile application reinforces the company’s leadership using technology and innovation as a tool to revolutionize the way customers interact with its products.


Thus, 2020 presented significant challenges for the Wall and Floor Tiles Business, but, through the commitment of its employees and capabilities developed in recent years, these challenges were successfully overcome.