For the Adhesives Business, 2020 was a year of great challenges and even greater achievements. On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a temporary stoppage at some production plants during the second quarter and this was exacerbated by closures across part of the distribution network and supply chain. However, the gradual reopening of the economy and the lockdown of families with higher disposable income reactivated house remodeling activities, boosting demand for the company’s products. Accumulated 2020 sales of the Adhesives Business totaled $4,754 million pesos, a significant annual growth of 9%.

One of the business’s main achievements of the year was to successfully meet the sudden increase in demand in the second half of the year, leveraging its production capacities to satisfy market needs efficiently and maintaining its high level of service.

Millions of pesos

For the Adhesives Business, communication with stakeholders during the contingency was a key element for overcoming the uncertainty generated by the health crisis. Despite physical distancing, communication channels were set up to offer online conferences related to current issues, virtual events for distributors, and creative and innovative training schemes for installers.

One of the initiatives implemented during the year was the Crest Talks Program, comprising digital conferences on current issues and subjects of general interest to business audiences, given by renowned local and national speakers. In addition, the Adhesives Business held a series of webinars aimed at maintaining a close relationship with distributors and their sales staff. These events provided training on topics of interest to the segment, such as the installation of large-format porcelain tiles, thereby driving the sale of the business’s products at the point of sale. One of the innovative actions the Adhesives Business carried out during the fourth quarter of the year was Virtual Expo Crest, where participants were able to take a virtual tour, visiting the Expo’s different sections, including the conference area and new product exhibitions.

Supported by its track record of more than 60 years in the construction industry, during 2020 the performance of the Adhesives Business once again confirmed its market leadership position.