Grupo Lamosa has always maintained close contact with its suppliers and this year’s contingency made communication with them even closer. The same prevention measures and security protocols were applied in their companies and exchanges with strategic suppliers were mainly carried out remotely but frequently, and at the highest level, to ensure timely supply and the satisfaction of demand.

Faced with the financial difficulties that some suppliers suffered during the year, the company acted with great flexibility, helping them in their efforts to obtain loans from different entities and organizations under more favorable conditions.

The participation of local suppliers has always been important for Grupo Lamosa, since it is important to have inputs close to the plants. Thus, suppliers in the communities where there are production centers have been given a considerable boost, which has translated into the development of the local economies.

“Grupo Lamosa’s support from the beginning of the contingency has enabled us to continue providing services and preserved countless jobs.”

Diego García
Energy Services Provider