in new markets

One of the most notable achievements of 2018 was the increase in the presence of Grupo Lamosa’s high-end products in the specification market. In particular, the Wall and Floor Tiles Business consolidated its position through the Firenze brand, offering this market segment an innovative range of total solutions for their needs, combined with the Adhesives Business’s line of specialized products.

The Wall and Floor Tiles Business offers an innovative range of total solutions for the high-end market segment.

Within this segment, work for large commercial chains in Mexico was particularly important. For one such chain, the company participated in the remodeling of all store units and accompanied it in its growth towards Central and South America, leveraging the great competitive advantages derived from the operations in the region as a result of the acquisition of Cerámica San Lorenzo.

Despite the uncertainty and volatility of the foreign exchange rate throughout the year, because of the quality, guaranteed availability, certainty and speed of delivery of the company’s Firenze products, many of the institutional clients that previously specified that they wanted imported products chose Firenze for their major projects. Of particular note in this regard was the tourism industry, which offers interesting perspectives for growth.