A passion for constant innovation, driven by the investments made to stay at the forefront of the industry and extend its geographic footprint, has positioned Grupo Lamosa to take advantage of the transformation of the ceramics industry, consolidating its participation as an important global player in the development of new solutions:

penetrating new markets at an increasing rate;

developing innovative products and applications;

finding novel ways to get closer to consumers; and

integrating best practices and cultures to leverage synergies,

actions that enable the consolidation of operations and drive Grupo Lamosa’s continued


The growth strategy Grupo Lamosa has implemented over the past years has given it state-of-the art technology and a position as one of the world’s most important ceramics manufacturers, with a presence in Mexico, the United States and more than 15 countries in Central and South America.

The company’s efforts to identify changing customer needs and constantly innovate, combined with a track record of more than 128 years in the construction industry, constitute a hallmark that guarantees the high quality and performance of its products.

Grupo Lamosa currently has a production and marketing platform across the Americas, which will enable it to continue leveraging opportunities and enhancing growth.