Energy, water and CO2 emissions
In 2018, the Wall and Floor Tiles Business carried out lighting evaluation projects at several plants located in Nuevo León and Tlaxcala, focusing on savings, durability and consumption, for greater energy efficiency.

During the fourth quarter of the year, the annual “Ponte Las Pilas 2018” used battery collection campaign was implemented at the tile and adhesives plants and corporate offices in the state of Nuevo León. This campaign collected more than 4,000 batteries, which were then appropriately confined by institutions specialized in such materials, thereby helping to prevent them polluting lakes and rivers.

In 2018, the company promoted technologies to enable online meetings, thus reducing land and air travel by Grupo Lamosa employees. The Wall and Floor Tiles Business installed videoconferencing equipment in the different countries where it operates and participated in a total of 5,275 videoconferences during the year.

The Adhesives Business took part in the reforestation of the Bosque La Primavera forest in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which had been affected by recent fires. Activities were coordinated with park authorities and company personnel, together with their families, took part in the effort, removing damaged trees so that they could be replaced by 1,000 new trees.

Year Batteries
Environmental impact
(millions of liters of water*
not polluted)
2016 4,087 683
2017 3,348 559
2018 4,002 668

* Estimation based on the assumption that one alkaline battery pollutes 167 thousand liters of water.

Adhesives Business personnel in Guadalajara helping with the reforestation of Bosque La Primavera, Jalisco.

Product recovery
As part of the company’s efforts to protect the environment, during 2018 Grupo Lamosa meticulously followed the practices established in the internal control procedures for the recovery of materials generated at the different production centers, ensuring proper treatment of such materials according to best practices.

  2016 2017 2018
Wood 1,641 2,284 2,272
Cardboard/Paper 1,251 1,159 1,045
Metal 1,362 1,179 1,502
Plastics 210 200 209
Other 118 47 93
Total material recovered in tons 4,582 4,868 5,121