Our commitment to

Message from the CEO:

In 2018, Grupo Lamosa reaffirmed its commitment to continue being a sustainable company, a commitment that has contributed to maintaining its permanence in the construction market for more than 125 years.

During the year, in accordance with the company’s sustainability model, economic, social and environmental objectives were set in all the company’s businesses in Mexico and in the other countries where Grupo Lamosa operates. These objectives were deployed to the different organizational levels in order to monitor progress and ensure that they are reached.

For the second consecutive year, Cerámica San Lorenzo in South America successfully carried out activities according to the plans established in the sustainability model, standardizing practices to contribute to the communities and the environment where it has operations.

Grupo Lamosa confirms its commitment to continue driving the creation of value for the benefit of all its stakeholders, promoting a respect for human rights, a culture of legality, and a better quality of life for all its employees and their families.

Production Centers across the Americas

direct jobs

million dollars of sales during the year

128 years
of operations in the construction industry

Investment in research and development of new products

Portfolio with green product lines

One of the world’s largest and most modern producers in the ceramics industry

Grupo Lamosa has become a culturally diverse company, driving the promotion and development of talent across the organization.

A diverse workforce enables the company to take maximum advantage of the business opportunities in the different countries where it operates.


Economic development

  • Business model, product and process innovation
  • Economic value creation
  • Local supplier development
  • Investment in the community

Social development

  • Quality of life for employees and their families
  • Respect for human rights and diversity
  • Anti-corruption actions
  • Social investment

Environmental development

  • Innovation
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Emissions reduction
  • Product recovery
Stockholders/Investors Customers Employees Suppliers
  • Stockholders’ Assembly
  • Investor relations area
  • Transparency line
  • Meetings with analysts
  • Reports on results
  • Focus groups
  • Transparency line
  • Visits of commercial advisors
  • Internet page
  • Labor climate evaluation
  • Transparency line
  • Development plans
  • Transparency line
  • Signing of agreements and clauses protecting human rights and promoting sustainability
  • Development of local suppliers and SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)
Community Government Academia Communication media
  • Transparency line
  • Donations program
  • Dialogue with neighbors
  • Volunteer projects
  • Participation in meetings and forums on relevant topics
  • Relations with government entities
  • Agreements for research projects
  • Plant visits
  • Work experience opportunities for students
  • Press conferences
  • Participation in interviews and reports