Aware of the importance of good corporate governance practices and the added value that they generate, during the year Grupo Lamosa continued to comply with the regulatory framework that governs it, in accordance with stock market regulations and corporate bylaws.

In addition, the provisions resulting from the implementation of the new Sole Circular for External Auditors were reviewed and analyzed. The new obligations and responsibilities it establishes apply to both Issuers and their Audit Committees and were met in a timely and thorough manner.

In order to continue strengthening the internal control system across all Grupo Lamosa’s operations, throughout the year the company focused on a plan to standardize the internal control matrices and procedures of Cerámica San Lorenzo in South America. This process assured an efficient control environment aimed at reducing the different risks to which the company is exposed.

In 2018, Grupo Lamosa continued its efforts to promote its Code of Ethics and Transparency Line, duly responding to complaints received in Mexico and in the other countries where the company operates.

Members of the Audit Committee

Carlos Zambrano Plant

Eduardo Padilla Silva

Eduardo Garza T Fernández

Maximino José Michel González

Members of the Corporate
Practices Committee

Eduardo Elizondo Barragán

Bernardo Elosúa Robles

Armando Garza Sada