to enhance the purchasing experience

Grupo Lamosa’s customer service has always differentiated it from the competition and driven the positioning of the company’s products with consumers. This can be seen in the growing market share across all segments, despite the challenging environment of 2018.

Grupo Lamosa has implemented initiatives to leverage technological innovations to enrich consumers’ experience through electronic media, augmented reality and virtual reality.

To serve the important market targeting the end consumer and focused on remodeling and project completion, the company has developed innovative tools that contribute to “making it easier to build your dream.” Examples of this are the initiatives to use advanced technology to enrich users’ experience: electronic media, augmented reality and virtual reality, which the company develops to help the consumer visualize how the different products would look in their particular environment and in this way make their choices easier.

Supported by systems designed to provide powerful tools for the sales force and in coordination with the different distributor networks, the company takes advantage of its great knowledge of the customer to offer products that meet their different needs, lifestyles and aspirations.