Health and safety
In order to avoid accidents and disease in the workplace, in 2018 Grupo Lamosa continued to inculcate a culture of safety through training sessions at all its offices and production centers.

The health and safety sessions that took place during the year included events related to the “Take care of your hands” safety campaign, rules for mobile phone use inside the plant, fire control, the use of fire extinguishers and nutritional control.

During 2018, 247 health and safety events were held at plants located in Mexico and Central and South America.

In 2018, company training sessions enhanced employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes, generating competitive advantages and increasing productivity.

As part of the process of integrating the operations of Cerámica San Lorenzo, during 2018 progress was made according to plan in training and standardizing control policies and matrices between Grupo Lamosa and the operations of the Wall and Floor Tile Business in South America.

  2016 2017 2018
Hours of internal and external training 65,503 156,828 171,423

Safety week at the Pavillion Tile Plant in Tlaxcala.

Health week dental services at the Gres Tile Plant in Tlaxcala.

During 2018, Grupo Lamosa continued to encourage workforce diversification in all countries where it has operations. Progress was also made in the promotion of social equality, generating important benefits for the company, such as retaining talented staff, strengthening the values of the organization and creating an environment that is receptive to new ideas that drive innovation and creativity within the company.

With the aim of promoting learning and opportunities for the development of future professionals within Grupo Lamosa’s businesses, during the year 146 students from different educational institutions gained work experience at the company.

As of yearend 2018, Grupo Lamosa employed 16 people with some type of physical disability, visual, auditory or motor, thereby promoting a culture of inclusion.

Wall and Floor Tiles Business personnel celebrating Mexican culture with an “Altar to the Dead” at the corporate offices in Monterrey.

  2018     2017 2016
  Non-unionized Unionized Total Total Total
Total 2,853 3,852 6,705 6,762 7,003
Male 2,272 3,472 5,744 5,867 5,740
Female 581 380 961 895 1,263
Age range (years)
Less than 20 9 37 46 55 41
20-29 575 1,053 1,628 1,731 1,645
30-39 1,020 1,435 2,455 2,469 2,910
40-49 857 904 1,761 1,764 1,708
50-59 353 386 739 673 652
More than 60 39 37 76 70 47
Mexican 2,244 2,716 4,960 5,061 5,001
Other 609 1,136 1,745 1,701 2,002

Corruption and human rights
In order to continue reinforcing the company values, in 2018 all new Grupo Lamosa personnel were required to go through an induction process which, among other things, included training on the content of the Code of Ethics and activities related to conflicts of interest.

Grupo Lamosa continued to promote a culture of legality across its operations, through the Let’s Do It Well (Hagámoslo Bien) program, setting up 29 training events during the year.

No situations were found that could be considered discriminatory in the audits that Internal Auditing carried out in 2018 with regard to procedures and processes in the company’s businesses.

  Complaints resolved through the Transparency Line Resolved complaints related to corruption
2016 96 31
2017 112 44
2018 122 29

Let’s Do It Well (Hagámoslo Bien) cultural program on legality, Solutek Adhesives Plant in Tizayuca, Hidalgo.

Social investment and volunteer programs
As part of Grupo Lamosa’s sustainability objectives, all subsidiaries carry out volunteer projects in order to positively impact the communities where the company has a presence.

Some of the volunteer projects carried out during the year are explained below:

Country Business Plant/
Project Activities
MEXICO Adhesives Santa Catarina Plant and Crest Offices, Monterrey, Nuevo León Support and visit to a rehabilitation institute Company personnel took part in a get-together and donated toys to the children of TEDI, an institution dedicated to developing and teaching children and adolescents with Down syndrome.
MEXICO Adhesives Niasa Offices, Mexico City Campaign to support cancer treatment Niasa personnel implemented the “Tapatón” recycling campaign, donating the recyclable material collected to the Childhood Anti-cancer Alliance (“Alianza Anticáncer Infantil”) to support patients’ treatment.
MEXICO Wall and Floor Tiles Italgres 2 and Porcelanato Plants, Guanajuato Visit to a children’s home Plant personnel visited the Santa Julia Don Bosco Home in San Miguel de Allende, spending time with the children and giving them toys and food.
MEXICO Wall and Floor Tiles Kerámika Plant, Tlaxcala Improvement to sports formation center Plant personnel made improvements and painted basketball courts at the Génesis Ecatepec Sports Formation Center in the Santa Justina Ecatepec community in the municipality of Ixtacuixtla.
MEXICO Wall and Floor Tiles Porcel Plant, Tlaxcala Health clinic repairs Plant personnel helped to repair and paint the community health center in San Marcos Contla.
MEXICO Wall and Floor Tiles Corporate Offices, Monterrey Visit to a senior care center Corporate office personnel in Monterrey visited the “Alabastro de Amor” senior care center and spent time with the seniors.
PERU Wall and Floor Tiles Lurín Plant School improvements Plant personnel helped with gardening, painting, varnishing and finishing at the PRONOEI Virgen de Guadalupe School in the Pachacamac District.
ARGENTINA Wall and Floor Tiles San Juan and Azul Plants Donations to and presence at charitable eateries Plant personnel provided food and toys for the non-profit institutions Fundación Manuel Sánchez, Puertas Abiertas and Tiempo de Victoria, located in the local communities neighboring Grupo Lamosa production centers.
COLOMBIA Wall and Floor Tiles Sopó Plant Enjoying time together at a senior care center Sopó Plant personnel spent time at Sopó’s senior care center.

Crest Monterrey office staff visiting the TEDI Institution.

“Tapatón” campaign to support cancer treatment, Niasa offices, Mexico City.

Donation to the “Tiempo de Victoria” cafeteria from the personnel of the Azul and San Juan Plants in Argentina.

Improvements to the PRONOEI Virgen de Guadalupe Institution in the Pachacamac District carried out by personnel of the Lurin Plant in Peru.

Personnel of the Sopó Plant in Colombia joining in at the Sopó Center for the Welfare of the Elderly.

Escuela DIGNA

For the third consecutive year, Grupo Lamosa implemented its Escuela Digna program, supporting six schools in the state of Tlaxcala.

This institutional program is aimed at giving construction materials and labor to schools located in the communities close to the four production centers that the Wall and Floor Tiles Business has in the state.

The objective is to improve educational facilities by providing dignified spaces finished with Grupo Lamosa products.

Since the implementation of the program, the company has supported seventeen educational institutions, which comprise three preschool institutions, eleven primary schools, one secondary school and one high school, as well as a multi-service center for children with disabilities. To date, more than 1,500 children have benefited directly.

Students of the General Guadalupe Victoria Primary School in the municipality of Teolochoco, in Tlaxcala.

Grupo Lamosa tiles installed at the Cristóbal Colón Preschool in the municipality of Papalotla, in Tlaxcala.

Delivery of construction materials to the Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School in the municipality of Ixtacuixtla de Mariano Matamoros, in Tlaxcala.

Delivery of construction materials to the Netzahualcóyotl Bilingual Primary School in the municipality of La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, in Tlaxcala.