Lamosa 2017 Annual Report



Because of the widespread use of new technologies, the ceramic tile industry has changed significantly over the past few years. Product life cycles are notably shorter and fashion plays an increasingly important role.

Grupo Lamosa has set up systems to identify trends and study consumer preferences in order to react rapidly with new, innovative products.

In reality, the ceramic tile industry has become a consumer products sector where the capacity to amaze the market with new solutions is a key differentiator. Grupo Lamosa has focused on developing just that.

Supported by multidisciplinary R&D and design teams, the company has set up mechanisms to identify trends, study consumer preferences in domestic and foreign markets, and react rapidly with new products. In fact, today’s industry is so dynamic that currently a quarter of the value-added product portfolio is renewed every year.

Moreover, in coordination with the distributor network, Grupo Lamosa has developed specific systems for the tile and adhesives sales forces, providing them with in-depth information on customers, consumers and product lines in order to offer solutions that amaze, over and over again!