Lamosa 2017 Annual Report



In 2017, the company continued to promote new alternatives for sourcing its businesses’ different raw material inputs. Additionally, in an effort to drive the economies of its neighboring communities, during the year it incorporated new suppliers of products such as clays and pallets.

Grupo Lamosa is a highly competitive market player so, during the year, it continued to encourage SME suppliers to take part in professionalization programs, such as those of the Competitiveness Center of Mexico (CCMX) and other organizations and institutions with similar goals. SME suppliers received specialized guidance, helping them to identify and capitalize on different areas of opportunity and to establish improvement plans, obtaining short-term benefits and results.

Grupo Lamosa continued to encourage Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) suppliers to take part in professionalization programs.

Diploma course in 3rd Generation Commercial Intelligence at the Querétaro Porcelanite Plant

  2015 2016 2017 Main Topics
Diploma courses 5 11 26 Organizational culture, strategy, planning and innovation.
Advisory services 35 42 42 Administration, markets, finance, business operating processes and human resources.