Grupo Lamosa’s 130-year track record in the construction industry positions it as one of Mexico’s few hundredyear- old companies. Despite so many decades, it is continuously reinventing itself in order to grow and diversify, not only in Mexico, but also in other countries globally.

The expansion strategy Grupo Lamosa has followed in recent years has made it one of the world’s largest ceramics manufacturers and an indisputable benchmark in the industries where it participates.

The continuous design of market-leading, innovative products, outstanding customer service and production processes with state-of-the-art technology have proven to be a successful combination for the company, enhancing its range of high-end products for the benefit of construction professionals.

Grupo Lamosa has participated in the construction industry for 130 years, an important achievement that few companies can boast. This gives it a very broad perspective and underscores that, to assure business development without compromising future generations, it is indispensable to operate with a careful balance between the creation of economic, social and environmental value.

Despite challenging environments such as those prevailing currently in the construction industry, both in Mexico and in many regions where the company operates, Grupo Lamosa constantly implements strategies and actions to ensure long-term development and growth.

From the leveraging of the natural qualities of ceramic products and their benefits in favor of the environment, to the integration of a new corporate culture that has brought out the best in employee talent, Grupo Lamosa promotes a sustainable vision that will drive growth in the years to come.