Corporate Governance

As part of the efforts to continue incorporating new corporate governance practices, during the year recommendations contained in the Code of Best Corporate Practices were implemented, increasing the company’s level of compliance with the Code.

The Board of Directors, as well as the committees that fulfill the audit and corporate practices roles, carried out their functions in accordance with the Company Statutes and current Stock Market Law.

Throughout the year, complaints received through the company’s Transparency Line were attended and followed up on, strengthening the business processes and controls across the different business units. In order to continue promoting the values and principles that determine the company’s actions, during 2013 diverse activities were held for the Lamosa team in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the company’s Code of Ethics.

In accordance with the risk management protocol that Grupo Lamosa has implemented over the past years, during 2013 the Risk Management Program was revisited, with the support of firms specialized in the area. The year’s main activities included a diagnosis of the program and the updating of the managed risks.

Members of the
Audit Committee
Carlos Zambrano Plant
Eduardo Padilla Silva
Eduardo Garza T Fernández
Maximino José Michel González

Members of the
Corporate Practices Committee
Eduardo Elizondo Barragán
Bernardo Elosúa Robles
Armando Garza Sada