During the year, the Adhesives Business continued to develop new products and reformulate existing ones, in order to offer the best quality and more favorable conditions for installation.

In 2013, the Adhesives Business posted favorable results, above those of the industry, with a 2% growth in sales.

Despite the adverse environment in the Mexican construction industry and the high concentration of the segment’s sales in the domestic market, the overall demand for the Adhesive Business’s products was unaffected, largely because of its closeness to the market, constant product innovation and high performance.

During the year, the business continued to develop new products and reformulate existing ones, in order to offer world-class quality and more favorable installation conditions. Products introduced during the year included “Crest Total”, an adhesive for installing any kind of ceramic tile on any surface, and a line of grouts with better sealing properties and a range of 30 different colors.

In order to offer practical, innovative solutions to construction professionals, “BoquiCrest Glass” and “BoquiCrest Cuarzo” were launched in 2013. These grouts are based on urethane technology and are ready to use, offering installers benefits in preparation and application and consumers advantages in performance compared to conventional products.

Another innovative product rolled out during the year was Niasa “Spray It”, a ready-to-use ceramic tile adhesive that is sprayed on.

The Adhesives Business posted favorable results for 2013, outperforming the industry in general and growing sales by 2%.

During the year, the Adhesives Business took part in trade fairs and exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, to launch its new product lines. In Mexico, it participated in Expo CIHAC in Mexico City and Expo Ferretera in Guadalajara, as well as showcasing its products at Coverings, an international trade show in the United States.

In 2013, 21 workshops for installers were held in different Mexican cities and Installer Day was organized in Mexico City. These events, with a total of 3,000 participants, served to continue promoting the use and application of the segment’s products.

In accordance with the Adhesives Business’s growth and expansion strategy, during 2013 it evaluated and developed new business lines related to the construction industry which will be introduced during 2014. These lines will enable the segment to leverage its production capacity and brand value.