Technology has driven radical changes in the ceramic tile industry, creating new opportunities that would have been inconceivable only a short while ago. Because of this, continuous innovation is increasingly important.


In addition to the ongoing use of tiles to cover walls and floors, advancing technology now allows ceramic products to be used in novel applications, such as in ceramic wood, kitchen countertops and building facades.

Innovation is one of Grupo Lamosa’s key differentiators. To ensure that the company continues one step ahead of the market, it has invested significantly in the technology it needs to break paradigms, continuously exploring and developing new ways to serve its markets.


Grupo Lamosa has transformed the focus of its business. In the past, a ceramic product company concentrated its efforts on production. More than anything, it saw itself as a manufacturer.


However, over the last few years, the industry has been moving so fast that companies are now required to develop new capabilities, to focus not just on producing, but also on creating and offering innovative solutions in a market that is increasingly extensive, diverse, sophisticated and changing.

Product life cycles are now shorter, making design and fashion fundamental aspects of the business. This requires multidisciplinary, multicultural teams permanently focused on studying the latest international trends in order to foresee the tastes, needs and habits of the consumer in a market that is in constant flux and an industry that is continuously producing new and surprising products.


Continuous innovation brings its own challenges, one of which is the correct management of the complexity associated with an ongoing rollout and marketing of new products.


In 2015, more than 20% of the company’s high-end portfolio comprised products with one year or less in the market. This achievement reflects extraordinary efforts from the Grupo Lamosa team that have translated into successful results and increased sales.

Coming ever closer to consumers, understanding their preferences, life styles and changing purchasing habits, is essential for assuring that Grupo Lamosa’s products and brands are always at the top of their minds. New formulas of operation are being continuously designed to enable this, ranging from joint training efforts with the distributor network, to the exploration of new purchasing channels. Electronic media are of particular importance, creating experiences for consumers and interactions that give them more information about the diverse products available and thereby influencing their purchasing decisions.


The concentration on two key core businesses: ceramic tiles and ceramic adhesives, and the company’s robust financial position have allowed it to return to an ambitious growth program.


As well as the investment in technology and design, during the year ground was broken for the building of a new plant that will come on line in 2016 and work begun on several production lines. These initiatives will expand Grupo Lamosa’s production capacity, positioning it to satisfy the growing demand.

Grupo Lamosa has the size and market positioning that is needed to take on new challenges in foreign markets. The time is right, so the company is seeking opportunities to expand its operations, particularly in the Americas where there are many growth opportunities.

Thus, focused on innovation and breaking paradigms, Grupo Lamosa is favorably positioned to begin a new period of challenges and growth.