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Together we create successful professional careers through talent development and innovation platforms, looking to create growing, sustainable value for our employees.

At Grupo Lamosa, we believe in maintaining a collaborative environment where diversity, gender equity and equal opportunity are a priority, and are key factors for our mutual enrichment.

We maintain an ongoing search for people who want to join our corporate culture, overcome challenges and contribute their talent and their human sensibilities to the continuous improvement of processes and products.

We have built a legacy of leadership in our industry, going beyond borders to achieve a record of uninterrupted growth that today translates into opportunities for those who join our team.

At Lamosa I have acquired a great work and personal experience, prioritizing teamwork seeking continuous innovation processes.

Rosario Ongay / Adhesives

Every day I learn something new. I have had the opportunity to take multiple courses at different universities and institutions, but Grupo Lamosa has been the best school.

Ulises de Jesus Berlanga / Headquarters

At Lamosa I have found experience, learning, colleagues who have become friends, I´m proud to belong to a great team.

Ángel Flores / Wall and Tile Floors


Grupo Lamosa has talent programs aimed at all people and professionals with an interest in joining our team.

We use top-flight technology and world-class instructors in all of our training processes, so our employees can develop their potential, whatever the phase of their professional career.

We work to create channels and spaces for collaboration and integration where our employees can acquire professional and personal skills and apply them in reaching their goals.


Grupo Lamosa is convinced that investing in talent development and creating opportunities for new generations is a crucial component of our continuous process improvement.

Our Rookies program is a different kind of experience, one that creates professional value for people new to the business.

Rookies is an 18-month program in which professionals undergo a cycle of on-site training periods selected according to their area of specialization. At the end of this program, participants will have a robust familiarity with our businesses and processes, and a deep commitment to Lamosa’s culture and attitude toward continuous improvement.

Join the program! You can get in touch with us through our official page on LinkedIn.