Our customers are the main objective of our business strategy, so we are always seeking to anticipate their needs, preferences and lifestyles.


To continue leading the construction industry with products that preserve our customers’ assets and the reputation of professionals and installers, generating sustainable and growing value for our distributors, personnel and stockholders, and operating with a lasting commitment to the community and the environment.


Responsibility is a value that measures the extent to which we fulfill the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves. Being responsible requires effort and concentration, and generates credibility and respect.

Honesty is the capacity to tell the truth and act accordingly, thus guiding our behavior and elevating our human dignity.

Spirit of Service
A spirit of service is a voluntary, customer-orientated mindset that encourages us to collaborate in our quest to solve our own problems, as well as those of others.

Teamwork is an attitude that helps us to share responsibilities and commitments to achieve a common goal, ensuring that we obtain results and take full advantage of the strengths and qualities of every member of the organization, while respecting everyone’s human dignity. When we work as a team, we all win!

Continuous Improvement
Through continuous improvement, we maintain our desire and commitment to constantly do our job better. When continuous improvement forms part of our way of being, we evaluate ourselves against the highest international standards so that our customers always see us as a market-leading company, while at the same time maintaining our focus on results and seeking the best options for our stockholders.